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Development Team
The Cosmic Break development team is comprised of industry veterans who have poured countless hours into the development of our other titles such as the GetAmped series, C21, CosmicBreak, and many more. They’ll be putting that experience to good use, as CosmicBreak 2 stands to be the most ambitious title in the history of the company.

No action game is complete without a thrilling soundtrack to accompany it. We’ve assembled a variety of exciting BGM tracks composed by world-renowned artists for use in CB2. BGM tracks will shift to match the situation, allowing you to experience heart-pumping battle themes for different situations and energetic fanfare as the tides of battle change.

BGM Artists

Shinji Hosoe
(Ridge Racer series, Pop’nMusic, beatmania IIDX)
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Hiroki Kikuta
(Secret of Mana series, Soul Calibur V, Shining Hearts)
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Nobuyoshi “sanodg” Sano
(Tekken series, Ridge Racer Series)
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