Game Play Footage!

Here is a short footage from the Japanese offline event where users are having fun playing the demo version of the game!

I think you will notice how smooth the graphics are rendered, and how nice the shaders works on each objects on the stage, including the characters. Since CB2 uses a texture in higher resolution, you can exactly see how leg joints are moving and other detailed gimmicks as well.


Q1: What is the monetization scheme used for CosmicBreak 2?

We have many ideas we wish to try new from CB2.
We have seen a drastic changes over these years in the industry, not only with the platform,
but also with how monetization works in the game. As a company to challenge new methods
and to deliver the best gaming experience to our users, Japanese dev team already came up
with a several new idea.To give an example, one of the idea is to have a special arena
which requires a ticket that can be obtained for a limited quantity per day.
These special arena will drop a better item than usual arena.
If you have a time to play, you just need to keep playing the game constantly,but if you want to have
a certain item immediately, than you can also seek purchase of those tickets for your convenience.
At this point, it is still just an idea, but once we have decided,
these types of new system shall be revealed soon as the Kickstarter project moves on.
Also we believe that this Kickstarter project and the Backer’s Forum will be the best place for the devs
to understand what everyone is seeking for. Please send us your feedback or idea about the monetization.
Our Yusuke Ogawa, the Director of CosmicBreak 2, wishes to know more about what everyone needs.

Q2: Will we have our CB account data transferred to the CB2?

CB2 is not only a graphic improvement to the CB, but it will have a different leveling system,
a balance system, and a customization system. For example, regarding the customization,
Robots can be assembled by parts like how it was in CB, however, Humanoids cannot.
You will be equipping them with weapons or armors you like, just as like if they were humans.
Also not all characters will be the same as CB; actually there should be more new characters
to the game such as Lunastacia. For these reasons, unfortunately, we concluded that transferring accounts
from CB to CB2 is not possible. However, we do not want to neglect you or make you sad with that fact.
CB and CB2 can use the same login credentials and we can easily find out whether you have played both games.
With that information, certain type of items is to be presented to our CB users in CB2.
Visa-verse, we are also willing to offer some gifts in CB for playing CB2.
We will keep you posted about how it will be took care from our official announcements.


We really wish that we can hear from everyone how the game should be… about the game mode, about the game balance, about the character, and about the monetization. Please back our project to join the conversation.


CB2 Project Team


CosmicBreak2 Chara Song Election!!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a theme song for your favorite character? Imagine that song being played suddenly, at the apex of a decisive battle as soon as the hero appears. Now imagine that you knew you were responsible for choosing just which hero emerges.

Victory couldn’t be sweeter.

We have set a goal for making just such a Character Theme Song for one of the 3 starter girls of CosmicBreak 2. Once we have achieved a certain point in the project, we will give all backers a chance to vote for the character you’d like to have that theme song.

Once that character has been decided, we will have one of the all-star composers working with the CosmicBreak 2 team produce it, and the song will be included in both the digital and the physical CD soundtrack.

A – Crimrose The lead heroine of CosmicBreak 2.

B – Fiona Crim’s rival. After battling, they gradually become friends.

C – Lunastasia A good-natured girl who somewhat reluctantly takes Crim under her wing.

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