Game Play Footage!

Here is a short footage from the Japanese offline event where users are having fun playing the demo version of the game!

I think you will notice how smooth the graphics are rendered, and how nice the shaders works on each objects on the stage, including the characters. Since CB2 uses a texture in higher resolution, you can exactly see how leg joints are moving and other detailed gimmicks as well.


Q1: What is the monetization scheme used for CosmicBreak 2? We have many ideas we wish to try new from CB2. We have seen a drastic changes over these years in the industry, not only with the platform, but also with how monetization works in the game. As a company to challenge new methods and to deliver the best gaming… Read more →


CosmicBreak2 Chara Song Election!!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a theme song for your favorite character? Imagine that song being played suddenly, at the apex of a decisive battle as soon as the hero appears. Now imagine that you knew you were responsible for choosing just which hero emerges. Victory couldn’t be sweeter. We have set a goal for making just such… Read more →


Election for CB Humanoid Importation!

CosmicBreak had many unique, cute, and amazing humanoid characters, each with a story and countless hours of effort from the designers aimed at bringing them personality and life. We have very fond memories of them all, and we hope that all of you feel the same. As many of the CosmicBreak developers are involved in the CosmicBreak 2 project, we… Read more →

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