Welcome to CosmicBreak2 community site!

CosmicBreak 2 is the sequel title to the widely popular CosmicBreak and is being built from the ground up using new technologies in order to deliver a smoother, more open-ended experience. Include in these technologies is a physics engine which allows interactive, destructible environments and shaders that give the game its signature look.

Game Play Footage!

Here is a short footage from the Japanese offline event where users are having fun playing the demo version of the game!

I think you will notice how smooth the graphics are rendered, and how nice the shaders works on each objects on the stage, including the characters. Since CB2 uses a texture in higher resolution, you can exactly see how leg joints are moving and other detailed gimmicks as well.


Q1: What is the monetization scheme used for CosmicBreak 2? We have many ideas we wish to try new from CB2. We have seen a drastic changes over these years in the industry, not only with the platform, but also with how monetization works in the game. As a company to challenge new methods and to deliver the best gaming… Read more →


CosmicBreak2 Chara Song Election!!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a theme song for your favorite character? Imagine that song being played suddenly, at the apex of a decisive battle as soon as the hero appears. Now imagine that you knew you were responsible for choosing just which hero emerges. Victory couldn’t be sweeter. We have set a goal for making just such… Read more →

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